We like to write.

We are the Hortons. We like to write and discuss practically anything that comes to our minds. “We should start a blog”, I said to my dear husband one day. My husband makes even my smallest wish his top priority, so here we are (two weeks later). What do you do with a blog? Do you get on every day and write a blow-by-blow account of your boring middle-class life?

“Today we got up at 5:56am. Brian took a shower. I took a shower. We went to work. We came home from work. We watched tv until all our brain cells died a horrible death. We went to bed.”

Do we explore our emotions? Write devotions? Try to stamp down the urge to make a Christian rap using the words “emotions” and “devotions”?      (Note to self, write blog entry about Christian rap)

But seriously, we’ve read some really neat blogs lately that have made us laugh out loud, made us think very hard about ourselves, and have led us to worship. So, I guess that is what we are striving for. For all 2 of you that will ever read this, we hope you enjoy what we write.  You might tune in one day to read a post from me (Bonnie), or you might read the deep thoughts of my dear husband (Brian). Or, more realistically, you will probably just get on Facebook and give all your friends pieces of flair for their walls. When you get tired of pieces of flair, bumper stickers, and joining “I’m addicted to Flair” groups, drop by and leave us a comment.



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3 responses to “We like to write.

  1. Brian

    I am ashamed to admit that I have flair on my Facebook page. I really like the one that says “Push Button, Receive Bacon”.

  2. Mom Horton

    Flair? Aurghhh! I just added that application because a couple of 12 year olds sent some. I did it for them!! Honest! There’s some real cool bee ones though. 😉

  3. yay. a fun new blog to read!

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