I think God is trying to tell me that he’s looking out for me… using deer.

Twice in the last week I’ve had near collisions with deer, and both times it’s been close to miraculous that I a.) did not cream the deer b.) get deer guts thrown all over me by the other car that should have hit the deer.

I’m not all about reading God into every circumstance, just because the toast lands jelly side up doesn’t necessarily mean God is professing his undying love. It just means that’s how the toast fell. However, I think sometimes we can learn of who God is from our minor circumstances, especially in ones that are far from the ordinary and confirm a trial we are facing at the time. For me, it’s been deer that I should have creamed. I can’t drive away from those near misses and not say “Thank you God for Looking out for me.”

In a time like now, when we don’t know where the money to pay the bills is going to come from or where we’re going to be working it really helps to see God help look out for us in the little things. Even if his way of saying “I love you” is as odd as restraining a deer from darting out in front of my car.



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2 responses to “Deer

  1. ravnistic

    Yeah, and how about the new computer, speakers, and printer/scanner/copier He just dropped in our laps!


  2. Mom Horton

    Were you with me that time I bumped a deer in Dad’s red pickup and it skidded butt side down across the road?

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