The Little Mermaid

The 3 readers of this blog will not be at all surprised to hear that I hosted a “Little Mermaid” party at my house tonight.  I secretly relished the looks on people’s faces when I answered the question of “What are you doing this weekend” with the simple answer, “Oh, I’m having a Little Mermaid party.”  I think people were under the impression that I was just doing it to entertain some of the girls from the youth group. I mean, come on, you never actually have fun with the youth group-you are only there to make sure no one has too much fun or gets pregnant.  But I digress–the point is that we had a blast just acting goofy and watching a classic kid’s movie. It’s so wonderful to have friends and a sister who just love to hang out and be silly.  When I rule the US, I’m going to institute a national holiday for each of the classic Disney movies. Little Mermaid Day, Beauty and the Beast Day, 101 Dalmatians Day, Cinderella Day…..and you can add your favorites. Everyone will be required to make an appropriate costume out of household materials, and then we will have a fashion show. After the fashion show, we will all eat warm chocolate chip cookies and sit in giant papasan chairs to watch the movie. Making fun of the movies will be strictly encouraged, as well as impromptu sing-alongs and dance routines. At this point, the male readers are probably not very excited about the prospect of homemade costumes and a fashion show….but hear me out. Isn’t it worth it to keep the women in your life happy and fulfilled by giving them a few days a year to indulge in princess activities and warm chocolate chip cookies? I think so, and Brian thinks so too.

(Brian is actually in the other room playing PS2…..he plays PS2 because we are poor)

Of course, I would balance the Disney Movie Holidays with “Play Video Games til Your Eyes Melt” Holidays.


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  1. Mom Horton

    Make sure you enlist Becky to make you chocolate chip cookies. They are unbelievable.

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