Not much

Um, not much to say tonight. Actually, I have alot to say. The problem is that I’ve been saying these things out loud all day long, and well, I’m tired of saying them. Because I have nothing to say, I humbly submit this (very sloppy and Turabian-free) outline of issues that I’m currently agonizing over:

I. Job issues-what job, will it pay enough, what about insurance??? What in the world does God want me to do? Do I want to go back to my other job where I was verbally and emotionally assaulted?? Heck no I don’t! But what if God wants me to go back?

2. Money-somehow, magically, we are supposed to make 10 dollars stretch over 6 weeks LORD, WOULD YOU PLEASE JUST MAKE SOME MONEY DROP OUT OF THE SKY BECAUSE WE ARE SO STINKIN’ BROKE AND WE DON’T KNOW WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN!

3. Alaska- strange, yes, but I really want Brian to be able to take his graduation trip to Alaska, because of point #2 it is impossible at the moment

4. Feminism-is it really ok to be perfectly happy teaching preschool or babysitting when other people that I respect think I should be some world-renown English Literature scholar?

5. Why is trusting God so hard?

6. Madeline L’Engle- she wrote “A Wrinkle in Time”, currently reading her other book “A Ring of Endless Light” which is pretty much challenging my thoughts on the disconnect between people, nature, and God.

I have no conclusion, just more questions.

On a brighter note, I am going on a poor woman’s trip to the beach tomorrow, and am looking forward to girl time and eating sandwiches on the beach.



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