Topics for Later Discussion

I’m not feeling any writing inspiration tonight. Most of my inspiration comes when I’m riding in the car or supposed to be paying attention to something else. When I actually have time to write, I find that the inspiration has ceased and I struggle to find anything interesting and or humorous to write to my 1.34 readers. Tonight, in lieu of anything interesting or humorous, I humbly submit some topics for future entries:

1. Cheese puffs and why we love them more than life itself

2. Youth summer camp–spiritual growth or 3 day hook ups?

3. Pastor Bill and how he is the man

4. Girls and giggling, annoying to everyone around you, but oh-so-freeing

5. More about Disney movies and how they shape our view of womanhood

6. The “Iphone Cluster Effect” –to be defined and discussed at a later time

7. My husband and the angry phrases he shouts at the tv when he plays video games

I promise I will actually write something soon. Which topic would you like to read about first?


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One response to “Topics for Later Discussion

  1. ravnistic

    I’m totally interested in what you’re going to say about me.

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