The Longest Thursday

We haven’t written much lately, partly because we have been so busy, and partly because we have no words for the events of the last week. Saturday night we were grieved to hear the news of the death of the newborn son of our dear friends. We attended Asher’s memorial service tonight and were completely blown away by the work of God in the life and death of this precious little boy. Also, this morning, Brian received the news that his grandfather passed away very early this morning. We will not be able to attend the funeral and are grieving with Brian’s mother and the rest of the family from afar.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the exodus of our “kids” (Stephanie and John) as they begin their journey through the college years. We are so excited to see the hand of God on their lives as we send them out into the world, and of course we are sad that they will not be dropping by the apartment for supper and card games quite as much as they used to.

Processing all these events has been more than challenging and completely exhausting. I have more thoughts I will share later, but tonight I will simply say that God is good.

He is good, we can trust Him, and that has to be enough.


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