The Yuck Olympics

Today we had the pleasure of participating in the Wake Cross Roads Baptist Church “Yuck Olympics.” You may be asking yourself “What are the Yuck Olympics?” I will tell you. It was pretty much an insane mixture of teenagers, green slime, jello, ice cream, chocolate syrup, and other yucky things that have no business being on your face, hands, hair or anywhere else on your body.

I had the honor of being the judge for the yellow team and was rewarded for my hard work by stepping in a fire ant hill and being bitten several times on my right foot. I bravely carried forward with my judging duties as my foot swelled to roughly the size of my head. I persevered, and with a little help from my sweet husband who brought me Cortizone cream, I led my team to a spectacular second place finish.

These kids were so hard-core. They put their faces in a pool of jello and fished for marbles using only their mouths. I watched, and I wanted to hurl.  Jello was everywhere, in their hair, all down their shirts, in their eyes……..the memories are just too painful.  Others had chocolate syrup and other sundae ingredients squirted into their mouths and all over their faces. At the end of it all, we slopped all the yuck ingredients onto three giant tarps and they slid down a hill through a mixture of yuckness.

We had alot of fun today, and I have to be honest and say that I wasn’t expecting to have that much fun.  I often need reminders that ministry and serving our church family brings so much pure joy. I know that I often dread the disruption of my schedule (Ha!) and experience a little anxiety about doing something ditzy and people laughing at me and talking about me behind my back.   Today, however, was a great reminder that serving our church family involves so much variety and creativity.  It may mean standing in the hot sun and getting a flip-flop tan. It may mean getting bitten by fire ants and wondering if my airway is going to close. It might mean meeting people who don’t know the joy of belonging to family that loves to be together and serve each other. It may mean preparing a  giant bath of jello for people to stick their faces in. There were so many opportunities for teenagers and adults to serve and have fun in so many different ways. It was wonderful to see people shine as they were allowed to participate in a way that fit them.

So, at the end of the events, I managed to stay mostly clean and survived the very yucky and sticky hugs forced on me by several chocolate syrup-covered, jello-drenched teenagers.

It’s nice to be loved. =)


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