Work Related Post – Be prepared to be bored

I love my job. Despite the idiocy of the bureaucracy and the hurdles I’ve had to jump through I really enjoy going to work every day. Except for one thing, 5Th period.

5th Period is when I have my lunch duty. During this delightful time, I patrol the basketball and tennis courts and monitor about 150 kids. Twenty Five minutes later, this group of kids switches with another as they go to lunch. I think eighty percent of the kids act with some modicum of maturity. I don’t expect alot, These kids are middle schoolers not adults. I expect the boys to act like boys, and the girls to congregate and talk about the boys. Then there is the other 20%. These kids insist on making a scene out of EVERYTHING! I had a boy run up to me saying “Mr. Teacher! Mr. Teacher, did you see that, she is sexually harassing me!”. I stop and just look at him for a second so he can get it out of his system. He insists on claiming that this girl is bothering him so I look at both of them and tell them to seperate. Then the story turns around too “Oh we’re friends and we’re just playing.” Too late buddy, you wanna make a scene and make a claim like that and you’re gonna seperate. I strongly insist on my position and then the instigator finally walks away, but not without severe mumbling.

I thought this would be the worst of the day, and that’s until I ran into the twelve. There are trailers near the basketball courts and because there are teachers and classes in them we have a rule not to be near the trailers. Not on the steps, not between the buildings, not even leaning against the buildings. So of course when I see this group of girls which I call the twelve sitting on the steps of one of the buildings I tell them to move. I get some attitude and then they get up and go sit on the steps of another trailer. If there is one thing I will not stand for it’s outright disrespectful disobedience. So I had to use my authority voice….. I don’t know if you’ve ever had twelve seventh grade girls with BIG attitudes try and argue with you at once, but it’s worse than it sounds. So I had to raise my voice even more and threaten writing them up. With much grumbling, arguing, and bickering they finally moved.

As I was walking back to my office one of the more pereptive teachers commented that I looked “Shell Shocked”. It was a rough day, but I’m sure that if I stay consistent with my expectations we will see some improvement. I don’t ask alott, just to respect the teachers and the rules. If that’s too much for a seventh grader then there is no hope for them in life.

On the bright side, I got a boatload of tech goodies come in today. Yay nerdhood!


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