Blog Updates!

I just wanted to mention that I updated a couple things on the blog.  We gotta keep things fresh around here, we certainly don’t want the blog to get moldy and musty like our bathtub.  If you click on “The Mystery that is the Hortons” at the top right corner, you will find a new Horton biography. I figured that not all the readers actually know us, so there it is.  You will also find a couple new blogs and websites for you to browse at your leisure. Mom Horton has a nifty little blog that just got a facelift, so mosey on over there and check out what she has to share.  I also posted the website of our Chiropractor/Kinesiologist Dr. Barry. We are both patients and employees of Dr. Barry’s and we appreciate him so much. If you live in the Raleigh/Wake Forest area you should definitely consider going to him for treatment.His website has a ton of health information  that is very helpful if you are interested in natural healing or joint and muscle health. Look for the Hortons in the photographs!

Enough advertising, have a wonderful week everyone!


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