It’s not 9-11 anymore, it’s actually after midnight. I haven’t been able to get online until now, but I did want to post a few words.  I’m sure you all stopped and thought about where you were 7 years ago. I was sitting in the gazebo on the campus of Southeastern Seminary after completing an English Comp test. It was a beautiful, still morning. I had no idea anything was wrong since I had been sitting outside alone while most of the campus was in class. I started to hear rumors and whispers of some sort of calamity, and when we all assembled in chapel, the president informed us that the first Tower had been hit and gave what we now know was a highly exaggerated number of fatalities.  I remember stopping to watch the news coverage between classes, and looking up in the sky as I drove to work knowing it was irrational, but watching the skies in case they weren’t done yet. It was such a dark, scary day, yet I remember the pride I felt as I watched American men and woman do extraordinary things in the face of darkness.

 There is alot of talk today about patriotism and its place in the life of a child of God. I’m not scholar, and I haven’t given this years of thought, but I have come to the conclusion that patriotism and pride in my country is nothing to be ashamed of. Of course America has its problems and its troubles, but does that mean that we should just cast it aside?. I wouldn’t, any more that I would cast aside my family and community. People are messy, and they will always mess up families, communities, churches, and nations, but that doesn’t mean that we forsake them. I have been and will continue to take pride in everything that is good about my country. I feel no shame in that, and I will celebrate the lives of American men and women who embody what is honorable and noble.

I have always loved this song by Shaun Groves, he posted the video on his blog today and I thought I would pass it along.


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