I think that I have made it very clear that Brian and I have many wide and varied interests. I think we have also made it clear that we are a tad bit on the “dorky” side.  In case you aren’t persuaded of our unwillingness to be forced into any sort of box or stereotype, here is more evidence for your perusal.

Tonight we are going to the Greekfest. Greekfest comes around once a year, and so we go. We like Greek food, Greek people, and Greek free tickets to Greekfest. We cram into a big room somewhere on the fairgrounds, wait in line for yummy, overpriced Greek food, and watch Greek dancers dance Greek dances.

Tonight, we are also attending the midnight release party for Brisingr. Brisingr is the third book in the Inheritance series by Christopher Paolini, otherwise known as the Eragon series. (Yes, we know the Eragon movie was incredibly awful and made the Literature Fairies weep.)
We like books, we like to read books, we like to listen to books, we like to go to midnight parties to get books as soon as they are available for us to read in 5 hours what should take 5 days. Will we perhaps dress up as an elf maiden and a dragon?

We might. That is the glory and the wonder of being Brian and Bonnie. Greek food, Dragons, Fencing Demonstrations, Good Times.


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  1. mmmmm, makes me want a Gyro.

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