I wish I understood economics. I don’t. I understand the metaphysical conceit in 18th century poetry. I understand the difference between an allegory and a myth. I understand how to wash clothes, and the ill effects of a misplaced ink pen in my washing machine. I sometimes even understand Brian. Economics, not so much.

It haunts me sometimes. You think I’m just being dramatic? I assure you my dear reader, that I am haunted by my lack of understanding of the exchange of money, supply and demand, and some foreign concept known as the “stock market.” When I am out driving, I am constantly worrying over the future of the small businessman/woman. Raleigh and Wake Forest have a ton of these crazy small businesses. Right down the road from us, there is a shop devoted entirely to bird novelties. You want glass tumblers in the shape of a hawk? You can get it there. You want bluebird undies? Yes, they have it there. The thought that haunts me as I pass by the Crazy Bird Lady Shop on my way to Starbucks is: “Is there really a market for bluebird undies and snowy owl figurines? ” How do those shop owners make ANY money?  These thoughts haunt me until I pass the “I Love Ponies” store and begin the process all over again. 

(Ok, the second store doesn’t exist, but I hear that certain members of the IT community like the website alot) Inside Joke…..and moving on…….

The point is, that economics is something I have yet to wrap my mind around. During our weekly communist, I mean communal dinner with friends, I am always subjected to a short economics lesson from our friend Will. He explains everything from clothing retail to how Trader Joe’s cuts out the middle man and keeps their tasty food in my cart by having low prices. I get what he says, but I usually end up thinking about how frustrating it is to go buy clothes only to find that the store apparently orders 2.3 million pairs of jeans in size 0 and 1.5 pairs in my undisclosed size. I have yet to get a satisfactory answer.

I digress, as I normally do. I’m talking about economics because if you care enough to keep up with what is going on in the world, there is a bit of a problem in the Money Land. I have no idea what this problem is, I just know that it sounds bad and that people are using alot of big words and terms that I don’t understand. I see it as just another opportunity for God to show us how extremely gigantic He is.  I have no idea how this crisis affects a part-time preschool teacher/proofreader/nanny, but I do know that God is bigger than us and our pitiful worries about money. He has shown Himself faithful to take care of His children time and time again, and this is just another opportunity to show Himself in a real way on a really big national stage. It has been proven in my own life how God can strip away our supposed security in our finances and reveal Himself as the only One who can bring true security.

So those are my thoughts, though I still have no idea what is going on in the world of finances.  Think of me when you pass a small restaurant that only serves toast, or a store devoted to dachsund paraphenalia.

Someone please tell me how these people make money!!


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  1. Jason

    haha….I love ponies.

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