Political Climate

One of the bazillion things that Bonnie and I do is daily peruse the City of Raleigh traffic reports. Are we sick in the head? Do we enjoy the misery, mishaps, and suffering of others scrawled across accidents reports in the ineligible scribble of a harried police officer? The answer dear friends is a resounding no. Regardless of my true motivation for perusing these reports, I ran across an accident report that must be shared.

“The driver of vehicle #1 drove his vehicle purposely onto the lawn of <adress witheld> to run over an election sign which caused damage to Mr. <name withheld> lawn.”

I’ll let you ponder that.



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4 responses to “Political Climate

  1. If you don’t vote like me, I hate you!


  2. Nader

    Welcome to America. Land of the free.

  3. Brian

    Freedom to act like a fool is no freedom.

  4. Bonnie

    Sarah Palin is pretty.

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