Don’t Hide From Us

We know you are out there. You know who you are. You are the silent stalkers that read the blog and never make a witty, sarcastic, or idiotic comment. I challenge you, today…..TODAY make your mark upon the world and write a comments. Just say “hi” and then turn tail and leave and never be heard from again. I”ll admit, I’m a little curious and slightly self-absorbed enough to wonder who reads the blog. I have a sneaking suspicion that the little chart that says that we got 67 hits on an entry about something political is just the wordpress people making me think that someone actually reads the blog.

It’s probably just me checking the blog 66 times that day. But nevertheless, I’m curious.

I will also admit that I too am a silent blog stalker. I check certain blogs every single day and have yet to make a comment on some of them. I think it’s a little daunting to make a comment, especially when you know that the author(s) have a bit of a problem with sarcasm.


In other news, check out this piece of love from my not-so-favorite show with my favorite girl named Elisabeth who somehow manages to work with these people without going completely insane:

The View

p.s. The editing program is fighting back and I am not able to link directly to YouTube. Sorry you have to go to PopTarts to see it. Sorry. Sorry. I’m pretty helpless without Brian to rescue me from the terrors of technology.

p.s.s I have been trying to upload that picture all evening…..FINALLY THERE IS SUCCESS!!!



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17 responses to “Don’t Hide From Us

  1. Josie

    not sure i am getting it…do you like lizzie or not?

  2. ravnistic

    I really do, she is a brave woman and the voice of reason on that show. I can’t imagine going to work in such a hostile environment. I wish they wouldn’t shout her down all the time.

    Nice to meet you Josie!


  3. stephanie

    your blog is in my favorites. 🙂

  4. Josie

    ah nice to meet you too. it’s about time that i blog with someone that understands that her views and her self are two different things.

    what the other ladies don’t seem to understand is that listening to your opponent and understanding where they come from makes your own points stronger.

  5. Heyyy. I’m a silent stalker!!

  6. ravnistic

    We have got some creepy silent stalkers!


  7. sometimes, when i am putting oranges in a circle, they make me think about my thoughts, and they make me laugh.

    And when I put coins in the oven they go BOOM BOOM BANG CRASH CLANG BING BOOM BAM

  8. yes, I do read your blog! i have my own blog stalkers and i have no idea who they are, so I’m coming out! I love your blog! it’s hilarious!

  9. Casey

    I’m a follower! great view clip. Keep up the blogging!!

  10. ravnistic

    “Everysinz ees museecal!!!”

    Thank you Adam, for your wise words.

    Is anyone else amused by the icons that wordpress assigns you? Because I am.


  11. stephanie

    yes…mine makes me look intelligent. haha (because i’s a college student now..)

  12. Bonnie

    hahah Yours was the best! When I think “Stephanie” I definitely picture a triangular British-unibrow-monocle wearing blue college student.

  13. Yeah, I don’t really know how to feel about being a triangle.

  14. i still read your blog bonnie-fred

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