Days Go By

I KNOW  you have all been on PINS and NEEDLES waiting for my next post. Life is Bizzy, Bizzy, Bizzy here in the land of poverty and drunkenness fortitude. I know I promised to wow you with my post-election Obamaland plans, but you will just have to wait because I have friends coming over for chili and I’m still in my work-out clothes. Just know that I”m writing it in my head and laughing about it at odd moments during the day. Just also know that it involves a tent, an invisibility cloak, and some form of magical powers.

So here it is, my next post. Enjoy.



Filed under Bonnie chatters endlessly

2 responses to “Days Go By

  1. I wanna new post NOWWWW!


  2. stephanie

    i agree! i’ve been frantically checking this blog several times a day.

    I need a newwww pooossssstttt!!!

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