It’s just not the same…

I know you are all waiting patiently for Bonnie’s amazing Republican Underground Story, but you will have to put up with my socio-political ranting.

I was having a conversation with a very liberal friend of mine (You should see the back of her car), and we were discussing the difference between people who were willing to work, and those who were not. I was working on her computer and a substitute had just arrived to cover the rest of her day. Within two minutes, this substitute proved that she had no intention of actually working. In fact, the only work she did was when she worked the system. (Later that day I spoke with the head secretary as she wrote this substitute up, apparently we’ll take the word of 16 students who claim a sub was texting all day over the sub’s word. This was the second time that’s happened with her. She’s not coming back.)

My liberal friend and I were talking after the sub left the room and she said the most insightful thing I’ve heard in regards to this subcultures attitude towards work:

“What makes you think that they’ve bought into that social contract?”

I’ve been thinking about what she said for the last two weeks, and it hit me, that John Edwards was right, there are two Americas. And it’s not Liberal and Conservative, nor is it Rich and Poor. The divide is along the lines of those who will understand the true value of work, and those for whom work is a neccesary evil. It’s the difference between the pursuit of the American Dream, and the pursuit of your next handout.

I know it would be impossible, and wrong, and possibly immoral, but I would be ok with not allowing people who milk the system to vote. Even better, if there were a way to root out anyone with an Entitlement mentality, I would take away their right to vote as well. Why? Because anyone looking for a handout deserves no say in how our country is run. I am not saying that all men are not created equal, they are. We are all the same under God, however that has nothing to do with having the ability to run a country. Furthermore, placing that right in the hands of people who have no interest outside of their next handout is simply dangerous.

Our country will never prosper until we get a grasp on the reality of what happens when we allow this entitlement mentality to flourish. The Government is not our collective Nanny, and if we let it become that, then we have no choice but to shut up and accept whatever form our punishment takes.



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11 responses to “It’s just not the same…

  1. see that? yea, that’s my sister.

    yay Bons

  2. Your post reminds me of a quote from Alexander Tyler:
    “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves money from the public treasury. From that moment on the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most money from the public treasury, with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy followed by a dictatorship.”
    Shouldn’t be too much longer…

    Also, you said “the only work she did was when she worked the system”, and I laughed heartily.

  3. So I had this idea that I would start my own blog in the comment section of your blogs. That way I wouldn’t have to worry about getting my own website–I would just use yours.

    But we’ll see…

  4. Brian

    Excellent quote Drew! I love it.

    Btw, Can we stop at your place when we drive to Texas?

  5. Brian

    Adam, I hate you. Get your own blog.

  6. Blog #1 (yay my first blog!)

    So today I got up and went to school. And last night I used the bathroom (#2).
    We watched a funny video about Rome and Jer fell asleep.
    Then I ate a Jimmy Dean sausage biscuit for breakfast after my 8am class.
    During lunch I went over to Lifeway and bought 1,000 index cards for Greek.
    I saw a squirrel prancing around the grass and I thought “hmmm, I wonder if I could catch him…” [drool]

    Please feel free to leave philosophical comments concerning my deep encounter.

  7. Yeah, you guys can crash here. The 19th right? Apryl asked me already. We’ll be leaving town the next morning as well, headed in the direction you came from.

  8. Bonnie


    First of all….

    Brian wrote that. See, at the top where it says “catagory” it will say “Bonnie chatters endlessly” or “Brian…” I don’t know what it says. Anyways, that is a clue to who is writing. I appreciate your encouragement though. Actually, I treasure it. In my heart. You never say nice things, so seriously…I just printed it out and made a t-shirt with this cool design with your comment making a circle around my heart like a flock of doves gently guarding a sleeping child.

    Second of all, I fell asleep twice reading your “Blogent”

    (Yes America, I did just make up a new word.)

    Third, you can’t just expect to piggyback on our wild blogging success. Even though I’m laughing out loud like a maniac at your words, you still just can’t come in here and take over the comment section. I am however, prepared to broker a deal and let you be a guest blogger from time to time. And by “from time to time” I mean once a decade.


    I’m so proud that you finally learned to poop in the big-boy potty!

  9. Who said anything about using the potty?

  10. Brian


    Obviously the depth of my post has been lost on you troglodytes.

  11. haha, so I just now realized that Brian wrote this post. Woooho.
    It’s been a tiring semester…

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