Bonnie’s Ongoing List of Things I Have Great Affection For (BOLOTIHGAF)

This blog needs a little direction.  Some purpose in this madness, if you will.

Well, I’m not going to give it any, but I will introduce a new series of wittiness and punctuality.  (Punctuality? Bonnie?)

Lemme ‘Splain

When I was young (er), I would save my pitiful allowance for my greatest and most enduring Love.

The Sanrio Store

The Sanrio Store was (and is) the most amazing and wonderful and pink and glittery and girlie and just SPLENDID place in the entirety of Crabtree Valley Mall. As I poor Seminary brat, I didn’t get alot of allowance, but when I did I would hoard it to buy even just one small trinket from Hello Kitty Heaven. My favorite thing to do was to get a “Hello Kitty Grab Bag” for only 4.99. You never knew what would be in the mystery grab bag, but you were always 100% sure that it would be something lovely and splendid and pink and happy and wonderful. I would fork over my money and instantly rip the bag open to reveal the magnificent Hello Kitty pencils and Japanese mystery candy, or maybe an extremely small eraser with the image of my greatest love pressed upon it in glorious shades of pink.

That’s kind of how I see this blog. A Hello Kitty grab bag full of magic and wonder and happy and pink and mystery Japanese candy. So, today I unveil the newest in an ongoing series:

Bonnie’s Ongoing List of Things I Have Great Affection For (BOLOTIHGAF)

I don’t “heart” things. Like “I heart Anberlin” or “I heart BBC movies based on Jane Austen novels.” I don’t really “love” them either. Love is a dangerous thing, my friends, and it should not be applied to inanimate objects. (And for those of you crying “foul” to my reference to my greatest love, Hello Kitty……let me assure you that she is indeed, a real live person/cat) I dont have “faves” either.  I don’t think I can say “fave” without rolling my eyes (even though I told a 2-year old today that he is my “fave” and not to tell the other kids).

I think it’s safe to say that I have great affection for certain things that make me happy, make my life easier, and give me a glimmer of hope when my  2 year old class has spent the entire day thinking up ways to beat  each other up and spread poop around the world. So, first in my ongoing series…….

#1 Hello Kitty

Wait…I just contradicted myself.  So Hello Kitty is my greatest love, but just work with me here, OK

Check out these amazing Hello Kitty Wonders that you can all buy me for Christmas:

Appear at your next formal event in this ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS HK Gown ::drool::


Here is my next car, perfect for a young couple just starting out in a bad economy


Complete with HK exhaust pipe


This isn’t a witty way to say that I’m pregnant, I’m just saying that I was thinking the other day about how my daughter is going to have  Hello Kitty …everything so that I can live out my dream of having everything Hello Kitty that I ever wanted when I was just a poor seminary brat/pastor’s kid. Again, not pregnant.


Nothing extinguishes fire like cuteness.


Ok, so I actually do want this. Really. How fly would I be playing that thing up on stage at chuch on Sunday morning.  Splendidly fly.


I’m about 90% sure my Dad would get me this for Christmas, especially since the liberals are going to take all our guns and religion away.


This is like a scene from the best dream I ever had. The HK dryer complete with life-sized Hello Kitty.


I could go on and on, but you could also Google image search “Hello Kitty” and get a good laugh at what you can actually buy. Look for the girl with the Hello Kitty contacts. This concludes BOLOTIHGAF #1.



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7 responses to “Bonnie’s Ongoing List of Things I Have Great Affection For (BOLOTIHGAF)

  1. I’m not sure if I should say that I’m proud that you’re my sister….ok it’s official, I’m proud of your Bonnie-ness. (heh, learned THAT one in philosophy)

  2. ravnistic


    Does this mean I’m getting the Hello Kitty Rifle???????!!!!!!


  3. ravnistic

    I have to draw the line at the pink set of tools. I want home invaders to be afraid of me, not laugh.

  4. ravnistic

    That was me. -Brian

  5. Bonnie

    Brian, that is a rifle, not tools.

    I already have a pink set of tools.

  6. Apryl

    Bonnie I am offended that you did not mention the Hello Kitty lamp that I from Target clearence for your future daughter one day…..gosh…thats the last time I spend 5.00 on you!

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