Thanksgiving Love from Peta

rt-logo1To those of you who have heard this joke, cover your ears, otherwise you should still cover your ears. PETA, it stands for People Eating Tasty Animals. There, now that I’ve gotten the obligatory PETA joke out of the way let me show you something fun.

Since Thanksgiving is around the corner my good friends at PETA made a fun new game that puts everything we love in one happy basket of joy: cooking, family, turkeys, gravy, and knives. The name of the game? “Cooking Mama – Mama Kills Animals” Now if you love slaughtering animals as much as I do, you’ll love this delightful cooking simulation. Be sure to stick around for the Bonus round when you get to make a “Tofu Turkey”. MMmm tasty-ish.

And the link:

Cooking Mama Kills Animals



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3 responses to “Thanksgiving Love from Peta

  1. Have you played it much? I thought it was a really good parody of the original..

    Though in all fairness they’re probably just going to drum up more press for the real game that’s due out on the Wii soon


  2. Bonnie

    I might go play it once I play my Hello Kitty arcade games first.

  3. Ros Horton

    Dang, I only got 52 points on the turkey.

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