Quotable Quotes


About once or twice a month, I am called upon to babysit for a family that I am pretty close to. Seven crazy kids, though I usually get to watch only parcels of them at a time.  I love those times when it’s just a few of them, because they see me pretty much as a big sister, or “Kid #8” and we get into deep discussions about life and what ails them. Today, the quotiest quote emerged from one of those “deep discussions.”

Parker, age 6, was talking nonstop about……everything. As we settled down for lunch, he kept up his constant stream of talk about anything and everything that happened to pop into his little head until I feared that he would choke on his lunch while he attempted to chew, talk, drink milk, and annoy his little brother at the same time.  It sounded something like this….

Parker: “So Mom and MiMi are going Christmas shopping and  (chew chew, swallow) I really hope that I get  alot of good (bite of sandwich) stuff that I want really really really really really really bad and (Anders won’t eat his sandwich!!!) have you ever played Lego Star Wars? I have, and it’s really fun and how about Lego Batman? I told Mimi I wanted an Xbox360 really bad and I hope she gets it for me (swallow milk) XBox 360 is the coolest and I want one so bad and I think they are the greatest so I hope MiMi gets me one Xbox 360 Xbox360XBox360XBox360……..

Me: Parker, less talking and more eating

Parker: (Chews sandwich)   ::silence::

Parker: ::small voice::: Bonnie, what is an XBox 360 ?


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One response to “Quotable Quotes

  1. Apryl

    that is classic! you know his MiMi could just get him anything and say its a XBox360…

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