Ruination and Disgrace

chesspieI think I just ruined my dear departed great-grandmother’s Chess Pie recipe. When the recipe says “One cup evaporated milk” then logically, one should add TWO cups of evaporated milk when one is making a double batch of batter for two pie shells. One would think that one would do the logical thing, but one is not known for doing the logical thing. One is known for doing the most illogical thing one can think of in order to upset the balance of the universe.

The balance of the universe being thus: Tomorrow’s Thanksgiving Dinner at the pastor’s house.


Ruination and disgrace mark my footsteps for all eternity. One hopes that after 2 hours of baking, the batter will magically set and one can continue with one’s plans with one’s husband to watch Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix projected in bigger-than-life wonder on one’s dining room wall.

One hopes and prays, but one’s clock reminds oneself that it is edging closer to midnight.

Oh Chess Pie, wilt thou set oneself and free one from the shackles of checking one’s oven every ten minutes?

I pray thou shalt.



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3 responses to “Ruination and Disgrace

  1. “Ruination and Disgrace” is an accurate description of your miserable life.

  2. Bonnie

    You make me loathe your squirrelous existence.

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