I just found this amazing magazine website.

I havn’t read enough yet to know if it will make the BOLOTIHGAF list, but a whole magazine devoted to useless yet fascinating information?????????!!!  I can’t wait to spend perfectly good time browsing this website for hours.

I just learned that breakfast cereal originated in the late 19th century and was invented  by one of those embarrassing Christians-types who were trying to wipe out sin with barely edible bran cereal. Apparently Christian fundamentalists were concerned with not only one’s soul, but also one’s colon. Check it out.

How Cereal Transformed American Culture

What’s it called? You ask.
Mental_Floss Magazine

I have not had time to look all over the website, from what I can tell it is clean. As always, be careful little eyes what you see (and read) and let me know if I unknowingly refer you to websites that have anything objectionable.

That’s it.


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