I’m sure you are as busy as I am lately, so you will have to excuse the more-frequent-but-shorter-posts. I have been writing some longer posts in my head, but my attention is needed elsewhere.  And by elsewhere, I mean that I am due in the kitchen to make some dairy-free Rice Krispie Treats for a family Christmas with our bestest friends with whom we share a communal dinner with once a week.

(If you are wondering about the dairy-free thing, just substitute the butter for coconut oil and scale back the amount by about 1/8th of the amount of butter)

Here is a bit of a Sunday chuckle for you, captions are welcome.


I call this one                                                        “Brian loves Biscuits”



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2 responses to “Biscuits

  1. ravnistic

    my last ditch effort to rid the house of all milk particles….


  2. Apryl

    “stop it, your embarrassing me”

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