I’m sitting at a kitchen table looking out over a pasture, watching the light fade outside and listening to Sufjan Stevens. I find it humorous that I’m sitting at a table with my two sisters-in-law and we all have laptops open and are typing furiously.  At the same time, we are never far away from various and sundry farm animals and copious amounts of dirt. I fed the horses today, though I refused to let them eat out of my hand. I never knew till today that horses can have runny noses. I also chased a cat off of my bed about 18 times. A fluffy, cuddly cat, but I’m still city enough to not want a bed full of cat hair. The sky is fading from blue to pink and purple, and I think I’ll go outside tonight and watch the stars. You have never seen stars until you have seen them in Alabama. Seeing the Milky Way and the Big Dipper is an every-night occurrance, and the absence of city lights makes it possible to see what I can never see in Raleigh.

I always lose track of time here, and it’s nice not to be a slave to a schedule. I’m tired of living out of a suitcase and ready to go home, but I’m also thankful to have some time to just rest. I’ve taken more photographs in the last week than I have in the last 6 months, and hopefully I’m getting better. It helps to have great subjects and interesting objects and landscapes to stretch the imagination. Yesterday  I did a photo shoot with my sisters-in-law Cindy and Becky in downtown Dothan, Alabama. We were waiting for Brian to get an eye exam…….(long story short, Cindy put his last pair of contacts in her eyes and lost one.) So we found a small “park” and goofed around. It was located at the busiest intersection in downtown, so the drivers got to watch a great show.



Now if I could only scrape together $800 for a new camera…………………..



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4 responses to “Alabamy

  1. Cindy

    Definitely lots of dirt. You are super amazing at photography and a pretty good sister. Now, let’s sing “September” on the XBOX 360….

  2. Becky...yes, the long lost little sister

    Either those two girls you were taking a picture of were sexy beyond belief or you are an extraordinary photographer. I like to think it’s both.

    Love having you here, dearest Bonnie!

  3. Cindy

    Definitely lots of dirt. You are super amazing at photography and a pretty good sister to have around when you need someone to chase the cat out of the driveway or just want someone to have fun with. Now, let’s sing “September” on the XBOX 360!!!

  4. ravnistic

    Why does Cindy comment twice……? Weirdy.


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