2009 Oh So Fine

I havn’t written much lately because the Hortons have been attacked by some crazy mutated virus thingy and have just recovered enough to play XBox360 and stumble off to work for the least amount of time possible. And by the Hortons, I mean everyone who got the mutated virus from Becky, my sister-in-law and carried it back to their respective states.  We love you anyways, Becky.

Speaking of XBox360, Brian got his and my life is over. Actually, there are some nifty games that I like to play and I just spent a pleasant hour entertaining myself with arcade games while Brian sneaked off to bed to get to sleep without me chattering to him or finding chores for him to do.

Me: “I don’t care if it’s my day off tomorrow and you have to get up at 5:30am, we are going to wash these dishes NOW.”

Brian: “I’m going to bed, it’s 11:00pm,AND DON’T YOU SHOUT AT ME ,WOMAN!”

That didn’t happen, and it doesn’t. Mostly.

Anyways, before I get too wild and crazy, here’s a list of  things to look for in 2009 here at fifteenminuteslate.wordpress.com

  • The “I Got Thrown Off by a Horse, Twice” story complete with photos of Charlie the “oldest and most gentle horse”
  • My Fossil bag
  • The “Cindy Put Brian’s Contacts into Her Eyes and Lost One” story, and the world’s biggest optometrist’s office where Brian got a new prescription and a pair of trial contacts
  • My Banana Republic sunglasses
  • Donations to buy me a new camera
  • A journey of food allergies and how one navigates restaurants and family gatherings without getting poisoned
  • Stories that are not about me
  • Stories that are about me
  • Stories that matter
  • My new dress
  • My need for an emergency/first aid/everything happens to me/high maintenance box to keep in my car
  • My New Year’s resolution about being less self-centered

Keep reading. I’m off to bed so I can cough all night long!



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4 responses to “2009 Oh So Fine

  1. Dawn

    Hey, I really enjoyed ready your work this morning. (My other option would have been to start the regular Saturday morning house slavery routine…and i haaaate vacuuming.) So here I sit. But I really did enjoy your posts. And your imput over at Shlog. I shall return!

  2. ravnistic


    I hate vacuuming, so if my posts allow you to procrastinate, than I am truly honored to provide the distraction and will try my best to write longer and more interesting posts. Thanks for stopping by!


  3. well I hate Bonnie’s blogs……and vacuuming

  4. Bismilah

    I for one am dying to read these future stories. Especially the one about this Cindy who put Brian’s contacts in her eyes. What fiendish plot did she hatch that you foiled by cleverly visiting the world’s biggest optometrist office?

    Also, I think you should include a pellet gun in your high maintenance kit or at the very least some Beemu.

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