“The Evil Truck of Sickness”

I’m sick of saying “Well, I’ve been ill these past couple days.”

I’m covered in proverbial tire tracks….tire tracks from the truck that ran over me last night, and today, and a week ago, and a month ago.  The truck I like to call “The Evil Truck of Sickness”

The up-side is that I’ve lost about 6 lbs in the past month, between the lack of appetite, the lack of dairy, and the lack of holiday food I was able to consume, that is not surprising.

The down-side is being sick and calling in sick to work….again. I think my director and my assistant get a little twitch when they see my name pop on the caller-ID in the morning.

I’ve been using alot of home remedies lately, like chamomile tea to stop a hacking cough and downing fistfulls of supplements my doctor gave me. I have also eaten my weight in chicken broth and crackers. One of my favorite things to drink when I’m sick is a mixture of Canada Dry ginger ale and cranberry juice. I also have a blankie. Yes, a blankie. I have this chenille purple blanket that my friend gave me a few years ago that is the source of great comfort.

What are some of your home remedies and comforts when you are sick?  I could use some new ones after 4 weeks of blahness. Speak up! Tell me! I have cabin fever! Help!!



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5 responses to ““The Evil Truck of Sickness”

  1. When I get sick I usually beat myself over the head with a large, yet thrifty hammer. Trust me it works.

    [Bonnie] “Really?! OK! lemme try it!”

    [Adam] “hehe”

  2. ravnistic

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA……. Large, yet thrifty?

    Btw, the hammer..

    Oh nevermind…

    I hope you get well soon, I want to take you to dinner at an Italian place.


  3. i love to drink hot lemonade when i’m sick. you get the vitamin C and it’s yummy and makes my throat feel good. I know you go as herbal as you can and I try to not take cold meds as they make me feel like crud, but I have avoided SO many bouts of sickness by taking musinex at the first sign of chest congestion. Haven’t had a bronchial infection in almost 2 years!!!!!

  4. ravnistic

    *Wow Adam, that sounds like a great idea* tee hee heee

    As if I would fall for that, there is no such thing as a thrifty hammer.

    Not that I looked, or thought seriously about looking. At all.


  5. Dawn

    I have a largish hammer, but postage might cost a bit much…
    At our house we use a lot of essential oils and echinacea. Peppermint essential oils works well to either add to tea or use as a chest rub (like Vicks). Only it better and it helps boost the immune system. One really sad thing we had to do (I still cry :> ) was to cut sugar from our diet. We, and our wee ones, slowly began to notice how much better we could fight off the bugs. And we take a bunch of alternative immune boosting stuff too. Get better soon!

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