Snow Day, the 5 Day Weekend, Goodbye George!

This morning we woke up to some glorious snow, and since Facebook is swamped with people’s snowday pictures, I figured I would get the edge on my competition and show you what a fun day we had.  Snow days are fun days in NC, you never know if school is going to be canceled, the roads are going to be bad, or if maniacal Southern drivers who think they are safe from harm in their enormous SUV’s are going to stupidly run themselves and other people off the road.  If you live in NC, you know. But I digress.

We went for a lovely ramble in the snow today, and look what we found!!!



After we came back from Narnia, I noticed that Brian’s hoodie was interesting, so I made him stand still while I took pictures of it:


We took it as a sign, so we walked to Starbucks (which was blessedly open) and ran into some fun friends that we never see. It was all in all a fun day, and when I get more pictures, I will tell you the amazing story of how we ended up sledding at 9:00pm wearing diapers made of trash bags.


Today we also said goodbye to former President George W. Bush. Brian and I cried a little bit when he and Mrs. Bush boarded the helicopter and flew away. I’m truly going to miss them. I’m also a little miffed at the guy who was supposed to pray at the end of the inauguration, and instead made inappropriate racial comments.  Did anyone else catch that? It was extremely tacky and didn’t quite seem to fit with “change” and “unity” and all that.  It was an interesting day here in the East Coast.

(p.s. I thought I posted this last night, actually I previewed it and forgot to post it. Oops)


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