Caution: Husband Underfoot

I love love love love love love my husband.  Let’s establish this first.

We were so excited to have a long MLK weekend together, we had plans to see movies, play Xbox360, and spend some much-needed time together.   It was a great weekend full of fun and laughter, friends and family, and the movie “Marley and Me,” which was surprisingly really good.  On Monday, it was pretty apparent that we were going to get significant snowfall, which in Raleigh could mean no snow or 2 feet of snow that snows you in for 2 weeks. (True story, it happened) We laughed at the thought of ANOTHER day off (Brian works for the school system, and my preschool follows their weather policies) so we went to the mall Monday night, bought some bottled water, and made a pact not to go to bed until we saw some snow fall. The snow did fall, and as you see from yesterday’s post, it was significant enough to close schools for the day.  The roads were pretty clear, thanks (surprisingly) to the DOT spreading salt, so we figured there would be a school delay for Wednesday and we would go on with our lives. Nope. Schools are closed Wednesday too.

Brian went in to work for a couple hours, then he came back and we spent the rest of the day getting on each other’s nerves. I like a clean apartment, not obsessively clean, but at least clean enough that I can think straight.  Husbands being at home all day and a clean apartment are apparently paradoxical and can NEVER BE.  They have this  magical power that enables them to throw filth, dirty underwear, and food particles immediately after I’m done cleaning an area.  I think they are fitted with a nozzle that sprays these items at various intervals throughout the day.  We managed to call a truce long enough to watch 3 hours of Lost, and I was overjoyed to find that schools were only delayed today. The fun part is, that my preschool is closed when the schools are delayed.

So I had another day off. I havn’t worked since last Thursday, and will not work again til Monday. Brian jumped out of bed this morning and went gleefully off to work on a 2-hour delay.  I had a glorious husband-free day to do some laundry, vacuum, listen to 3 hours of Rush Limbaugh without interrupting “Assassin’s Creed”, and secretly throw some of his things away or give them to Goodwill while I cleaned out our closet.

The moral of the story is:

Even the most perfect, loving, and understanding couple needs a little space.



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5 responses to “Caution: Husband Underfoot

  1. and that’s why I moved to Texas

  2. That’s why you are single.

    Oh. Wait.

    Well, she’s at least too good for you. Waaaaayy too good.

    Like, what kind of love potion did you use to make her love you?

  3. DAwn Gutek

    Huh, I would have to TOTALLY AGREE!!! (My hubby’s a teacher.) How do you handle the summer holidays?

  4. This is our first year of Brian working in the school system… I have no idea. He’s a tech guy, so hopefully they will keep him on for the summer!

  5. Mom Horton

    hehehe . . . .

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