A Big Surprise!

Things are changing in the Horton house. I could reveal it to you, but I thought it would be more dramatic to give you a multiple choice test instead.

Is the big surprise…..


B. lucy

C. soap-on-a-rope

D. img_1494

E. hello-kitty-toilet

F. cute_baby_1

There is a prize for the winner!!!

(I lied, there is no prize)



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6 responses to “A Big Surprise!

  1. I know for a FACT that the answer is E.
    It has been a childish dream of Bonnie’s to —- on a Hello Kitty toilet.

    (are we allowed to say “poop” on this site?)

  2. Dawn

    I’m goin’ out on a limb here and saying it’s the very red trash receptacle you plan to include in your new decor. Everybody needs one of those babies right in the middle of the living room…oh wait, babies, baby, two pictures of baby-ishness, Ohhhh….a baby? Do I get the fake prize?

  3. ravnistic

    To be honest, I’ve had many a tussle with those outdoor trash receptacles. ESPECIALLY that red one. Seriously, I hate those things with a passion. I once had to roll one down a sidewalk and catch it before it squashed a hapless child.

    Never again I say.


  4. ravnistic

    Yes Adam.

    Saying “poop” is ok in context.

    Like: “Adam looks like poop”


  5. are you preggers???? that may explain some of he weird food stuff!

  6. Mom Horton

    I know but I’m not telling.

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