Lucy Horton

So, she’s not a gecko, or a Hello Kitty toilet. We like her alot better than both of those things, though.

Here she is!!


She is a 9 month old long-haired mini dachshund.  We had planned to name all our children and pets after literary characters, so we were happy to associate her with C.S. Lewis’ classic Narnia series.  Fun story about how we got her still to come!



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5 responses to “Lucy Horton

  1. ravnistic

    I like this picture, our carpet looks clean.


  2. thelinkfamily

    Hey! we were going to name our next girl that…(not that we are expecting) for the SAME reasons…(and it’s Pete’s mom’s name…she’s passed on, she doesn’t need it anymore) But Lucy in Lion Witch and Wardrobe is amazingly cute….how can you not like the name…. Cute dog.

  3. Very cute little friend. And one I’m sure you’ll never find on your chin while you sleep. (Unlike those sneaky cats and geckos.)

  4. Apryl

    I love my little niece-dog

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