The bad week test, or a note from my spleen

Healing through Music

Healing through Music

Here is a little quiz to help you determine the severity of your bad day, tell me how you score (it makes me feel good).

1. You wake up on the couch with the sun in your eyes, you have no idea how you got there, you dreamed of product numbers and misshapen laundry baskets that eat legs (+5)

2. Giving your wife a kiss is interrupted by the dog who sticks her tongue between the two of you (+9)

3. Your esteemed health care practitioner tells you that your spleen has packed up and gone AWOL leaving your ears in a state of confusion so bad that you randomly lose your dinner due to vertigo (+4)

4. Number three happens anywhere other than your home (+2)

5. You listen to Johnny Cash, and like it. (+4)

6.  Wednesday does not exist in your mind. Half of Tuesday is a blur as well. (+2)

7. You find that your predecessor at work moved almost all the equipment at school, and didn’t write down any of the changes. (+1)

8. Your soap cuts you in the shower (+3)

9. Your professor gives you a zero on an assignment, and does not tell you why. (+3)

10. You have garlic in your ear. (+4) (an extra +2 if you put it there).

I don’t know what those add up too, and frankly I don’t care. But let me know how you did, or how you would add to it. Life has a way of coming up with more random funny stuff than any comedy writer, and yes even funnier than 30 Rock.

Despite all the bad that can happen it only reminds me how good I actually have it. I have a wife that loves me (and a dog too), a roof over my head, steady work and a community of friends who care about me. And tonight, I take my wife on a hot Italian Dinner date, (For FREE!!). Even more important than all of this, I have a Savior who loves me and went beyond my wildest imaginings to prove it. Can I truly complain in light of his love?

I may get bogged down, but what more can I really ask for?

Of course, all of this might just be my deranged spleen talking, but I doubt it.



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4 responses to “The bad week test, or a note from my spleen

  1. Cindy

    I wish I’d read this BEFORE I called you. Sorry about the bad day, Bro 😦

    Also, because I’m too lazy to comment on two posts – I’d like to add $$$ for musical instruments and equipment to Bonnie’s stimulus package. Thank you .

  2. That’s a terrible test/spleen note man! Garlic, in your ear?! Sharp soap? We will pray for you now. A. Lot. Hope your Monday’s better! 🙂

  3. Bonnie

    “Put a little garlic in your ear/Put a piece of garlic right into your favorite ear!!”

    I really love the “Healing Tones” cd. It makes me feel squishy.

  4. Surprisingly, I scored a 13. Woe is me. Hope things improve for you (come back spleen!)

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