Creativity Revisited

In twenty minutes, I”m off to Student Drama Team practice. My coworker at the preschool accosted me at work one day and asked if I wanted to be on the leadership team. I agreed with fond memories of being on the drama team many years ago when I was in the youth group (though some would say I never left).

So today, I spent the last hour in my newly cleaned office looking frantically through the American Sign Language Dictionary for inspiration for interpretive dance/movement (depending on where you go to church) for the song “Mighty to Save.” The window is open, and the neighbors are getting saved watching me act out this song with faux-sign language mixed with sheer imagination.

Um, I hope I don’t mess up when I show it to them. I’m kind of nervous. Like, I feel like I’m in ninth grade and I’m wondering if my shirt is not long enough and when I do my godly-dancing then my shirt will go up and show my tummy.  This was obviously before the days of the glorious long shirts we enjoy in the 2000’s.  It’s been a while since I’ve done anything with the arts at church, and I’m really excited to get back into it.  I might even pick up my guitar again and learn those 10 songs I used to  know back when I was in praise band.

p.s. Lucy wants you to know that she helped me choreograph, inspiring me with her fierce battle with her doggy bed and her peaceful napping.



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3 responses to “Creativity Revisited

  1. don’t kid yourself. you don’t have any creative skills. especially when it comes to sign language. I remember that you used to always be the one girl who continually messed up while everyone else was doing a great job. And they all hated you. Don’t take this a discouraging, take it as a complement…somehow…

  2. ravnistic

    :::dies inside:::

    –The Artist Formerly Known as Bonnie

  3. Hey Bonnie – thanks for coming over and commenting on my blog. If I were doing a sign language performance, and I never have, I’d be really worried about signing the wrong thing – like the equivalent to a singer’s voice cracking. And then everyone gets ‘unsaved’ because of my performance. But I’m sure that won’t happen to you!

    Ah, and double thanks for putting me on your blogroll! Hope to see you around again. God bless and happy blogging!

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