New Look

I felt like it was time for a change. I have been trying to upload this amazing picture to set as the header, but of course WordPress is all “No way, we know Blogspot is way cooler and all, but there is no way we are going to be cool like them” So for now, my amazing picture of an orchid in the window of a Black Mountain coffeeshop will be unseen until I can figure this thing out.  For now, I think the books are a great statement about the Hortons.



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4 responses to “New Look

  1. stephanie

    this scared me at first…i thought i was on the wrong page! haha. but very nice. ps. i’m coming home on FRIDAY and i’ll be home all next week for spring break…so we need to get together. plus i have still yet to meet my sister lucy. 😦

  2. don’t even JOKE about being part of my family…::shiver::

  3. ravnistic

    I didn’t get that until I realized you were talking to Steph….

    I hope.


  4. stephanie

    well at least my face is better than yours…

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