A Happy Day

happy-faceI had an amazingly happy day today. Normally, I don’t have happy days, but this one was wonderful. I don’t know if you are like me, but I have the most amazing timing in the entire world. I know exactly when I need to get up in the morning to be exactly 14.9 minutes late to wherever I’m going.  This has worked for me in the past couple decades, I have everyone in my life trained to expect me to be 14.9 minutes late.  I say “has worked” because a certain reddish toot of a puppy has turned my carefully crafted life plan upside down and inside out.  I’m not good at math, but I think that if you add an extra 15 minutes to an already late morning, then that adds up to being about 29.9 minutes late to work.  I don’t know how your workplace is, but it’s not really professional to arrive AFTER the parents drop of my students.

I knew I had to make a change, so I’ve been slowly pushing back my wake-up and get-up time. Yes, these two times are vastly different, spanning about half an hour.  Lucy has to be taken down three flights of stairs and across the street to the dog-poo area, and then fed and taken out a second time. Unless I want a starving and poo-covered puppy, then I need to get up at least 15 minutes earlier. So, I have been getting up earlier, and I can say with conviction that it has revolutionalized my day.  This is something I know I should have been doing my entire life, but I love sleep too much. I. Love.To Sleep.  There is nothing in the world like snuggling in my bed in the morning while the world outside waits in traffic and drinks too much coffee.   Doodie calls though. (snicker) And the puppy who is at this moment joyfully licking my face while I try to type has needs that need to be met. Needs that, sadly, encroach on my sleepy time.

It’s been wonderful, I get up and leisurely walk Lucy and feed her. I slowly walk by the coffee maker and turn it on to make me some hot tea. I sometimes even put a load of laundry in the washer. The bed sometimes gets made. Some of you have already checked to see if you are reading the right blog. Yes, it’s me.  Gone are the days of the frantic shower (or lack therof) and the running to the car in a blur of blue jeans and whatever shirt was clean. Gone are the days of waking up already stressed and ready for a stressful day.  My assistant called me this morning to tell me she is sick. I told her to feel better and didn’t freak out. My boss called me twice to say that she can’t find any subs and needed someone’s number. No big. I listened to David Crowder on the way and reflected on the Incarnation of Christ. I arrived at work (only 5 minutes late) and was met by frantic people who told me that my OTHER assistant was sick and that there were no subs to be had. Even worse, they thought I wasn’t coming in either. I smiled at them and went to my classroom.  My two subs did come, and one of them was my lovely friend Elissa whom I hope is my assistant next year. We had a wonderful day with 8 two-year olds who seemed to want to have a wonderful day too.

Days like this are a precious gift from God. If you are always at war with your mind and your emotions, like me, than you know how wonderful it is to have a day of rest, a day that starts well and gives your mind and emotions rest from the constant turmoil of fighting off anxiety, stress, and depression.  Days like these are days of victory, a loving reminder that all good gifts come from God, and that my level of control of my surroundings has nothing to do with real joy and peace.

And the glory of it all is He came down/for the rescue of our souls that we may live   ~~ David Crowder Band



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2 responses to “A Happy Day

  1. I’m not gonna make any snide remarks that will affect your motivation. I just want to say that I am proud of you.

    …finally =)

  2. Janna(MoM)

    I am very proud of you, too. Makes me want to get up in the morning and walk in the mist and enjoy God’s world and being alive and blessed.

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