# 3 The Flying Biscuit Cafe

flying-biscuitIt’s time for another installment of “Bonnie’s Ongoing List of Things I Have Great Affection For”!

We went to this amazing restaurant last night! It’s the kind of place you would expect Brian and I to go to.  =) Some of you guys are foodies also, so I wanted to pass along our experience.  It’s located in Cameron Village in downtown Raleigh.

The Atmosphere:

Bright colors, understated murals, modern artwork, one brick wall, attracts customers who like to eat natural and vegetarian. A very Ashville-type place

The Menu:

Southern-style comfort food, but not drowning in grease, gravy, and butter.  I had the Clifton Omelette with goat cheese, mushrooms, and 3 farm-fresh eggs. Brian had a just-right cut of country-friend steak with collard greens and fries.  Not the mushy collard greens, but the kind where you can actually see what you are eating. Everyone gets a free biscuit with this wonderful cranberry butter, and since I can’t have the biscuit, they graciously gave me an English muffin.  We had the Love Cakes for an appetizer, and though they sound a little crazy, it was sooo good! If you are eating at our house anytime soon, expect to have these.

The Staff:

We did have to wait a while for the hostess to acknowledge our presence, but we were seated right away.  Our waiter was very patient with all my questions and substitutions, and saved me from making a mistake and eating something cooked in butter.  One of the chefs actually came out to our table asking about my dairy allergies and making sure that the goat cheese in my omelette was ok.  That has never happened before.

The Price:

No entree was over $10. We had a giftcard, and we spent $29.00 with an appetizer, two drinks, and two entrees.  I think my omelette cost around $7.50

I Loved It!

I was surprised to find out that this is actually a chain restaurant.  I could be wrong, but I think it’s based in Atlanta. I havn’t been to Cameron Village in years, so I was really happy to find that they have made it nice again. If you go early enough, you can go to the Fresh Market or browse some of the shops (if you happen to be rich).  We still have some money on our gift card, so if you want to go with us, the bidding starts…..NoW.



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4 responses to “# 3 The Flying Biscuit Cafe

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  2. Apryl

    I want to go…..but who will watch Lucy???

  3. ravnistic

    Maybe Mr. “Work at Home Scam” will watch her.

  4. Just now catching up on your blog. Sounds like a yummy place. There are like 6 of them in Atlanta. Looks like the closest one to use is about 35 minutes away. I might need to schedule a dinner date…

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