Ice Queen

After a politely worded verbal battle with my boss this morning, I unhappily trecked 45 minutes in the slush and snow to Cary to be a nanny for a day.  Mondays are hard enough without going to bed Sunday night thinking I would have a snuggly snow day, only to wake up and hear that I still have to go work while my husband gets to stay home with Lucy and have snowball fights with himself. I should be the one throwing snowballs at his face ( I DO have the superior hand-eye coordination).

So off I went down to my car, forgetting that it would be covered in 4 inches of snow. I spent the next 5 minutes wiping snow off my car and into the driver’s seat, wishing I had brought a broom or something so that I could stop using my sleeve.  I arrived at the house to find that no one was home.  Apparently I missed the call while I was listening to talk radio.  I drove out again through the snow to pick the girls up at the doctor’s where Claire was finally getting some much needed medical care for her yucky nose and her loss of hearing due to an ear infection. The day did get better, we ran errands in blissfully empty Whole Foods and Trader Joes.  We played in the snow, though I went out reluctantly due to the fact that I was wearing non-waterproof yoga pants while they were decked out in full snow gear. I snapped a few shots while we were outside, until my memory card told me it was full.

It’s funny how you can mentally prepare yourself for a certain event, only to have those preparations bulldozed by someone elses’ demands. I was so ready to stay at home, and I couldn’t switch off the voice in my head that was telling me how used and I abused I was for having to work that day.  Schools were closed, but lots of people went to work today. Lots of people didn’t go to work today, and wouldn’t have gone to any job. When I think of it that way, God has been very kind and gracious to let me have a way to earn extra income without having to go back to working full-time and start the cycle of sickness again. Honestly, it’s pretty easy money. I ran my errands and watched “The Sword in the Stone.” The drive home, which is usually an awful experience, was breath-taking. The sun finally came out and just blazed against the whiteness of the snow and the melting ice.  I almost stopped so many times to take pictures of white woods and pink and orange clouds touching white trees and a blue sky.  Sadly, I didn’t stop. But I did get these pics today:






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3 responses to “Ice Queen

  1. Dawn

    Good for you for braving the blanket of snow. Great pics too. And I gotta say, as a mother of three, dependable childcare, someone you trust with your kids, is truly a HUGE blessing. It may not seem like you do much (I do childcare for a couple of families here and there too, so I know the role well) but when I need to be away from my kids, it’s worth heaps knowing my babies are safe and someone is loving on them. Even in non-water proof yoga pants.

  2. Love the new blog layout! Thanks for the reminder of God’s provision in a time when many would just love to be inconvenienced enough to have to go to work. I need to be reminded of this often.
    Also: you. me. starbucks. world lit book. It’s a date. (even though we won’t actually read the book–although, I guess we could…)

  3. It blesses me that you can see God at work in the hard to swallow stuff.

    Great photos!

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