America the Classless

America has no class. Thanks Obama and Friends.

First the gift fiasco with the British Prime Minister. Quick Recap:  The British PM presented Obama with pens carved from the sister ship of the HMS Resolute. The girls got dresses from a top London designer. What did Obama give in return? A bag with 25 DVD’s. Oh yeah, and the format across the pond is different, so they can only play here.

Then there was the Russian “reset” button. They wrote “reset” on it to signify a reboot of their relationship. Apparently they translated it online and it ended up saying “overcharge”.

Now it’s St. Pattys Day and we get this:

White House Fountain

That’s right folks, the Obama’s just associated one of our most significant landmarks with a holiday that, barring a few exceptions (Ahem-The Glens), means nothing more than revelling in drunkeness and stupidity. I mean really, the White House? Is nothing sacred?



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4 responses to “America the Classless

  1. drunkenness and stupidity! wooooyeaaaaa! I love me some St. Pattieeeee!

  2. Dawn

    Sorry to laugh at your country’s misfortune. But HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaa. (Not that our PM is much better, he’s had his own moments of insanity{?} ). That fountain is hilarious!

  3. ravnistic

    Adam, you’re too young to drink. But not too young to be stupid!

  4. ravnistic

    I’m picturing a Food Lion grocery bag with a bunch of Wal-Mart $5.00 DVD’s in it. You know, DVD’s like “Harry and the Hendersons” and movies where a group of Gnomes decide to go to Duke and play on the basketball team, leading the team to unheard of victories in the NCAA tournament.


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