Bonnie’s Pet Peeves, The First of an Exhausting List

I have a pet peeve. I try not to hang on to my peeves, take them to PetSmart, and buy them a fancy new collar with sparkles on it…..but this one I’m really really fond of.

I’m talking about Word Verification.

No, I’m not talking about Word Verification as a way to make sure some robot in the basement of an abandoned building doesn’t get on your blog and make racy comments about your grandmother, I’m talking about the really annoying trend on blogs where the readers of the blog try desperately to get a corner of the spotlight and make up some stupid definition for the word verification “word.”

For example, Stuff Christians Like gets an unfair amount of comments. I guess anything is unfair next to the 1 comment that we average, but if I’m really bored, I will browse the comment section to see if anyone has something witty to say.

7.4 times out of 10…..they don’t. It usually goes something like:

“Blah blah blah My life story and some comments about something that has nothing to do with the actual post”

“wv: platty: a cross between a potty and a platter”


“wv: darg: a dog that says “”AAARRgghhh”” ”

If there were awkward silences in the comment section, they would happen every time someone tries to define the word verification word. It’s like when your date tells a really corny joke and everyone stops what they are doing to look at both of you like you just killed all the cool in the entire room.

Does this bother anyone else!!!!

A free 16.oz bowl of homemade hummus is yours if you get me the name of the person who started this extremely peeving practice.



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9 responses to “Bonnie’s Pet Peeves, The First of an Exhausting List

  1. I just want you to know that your mother is very proud of you.

    …not that shes the only one…

    …I’m kinda proud of you…

    And I believe the name of the culprit is Slarty Bartfaust, but it’s not important.

  2. ravnistic

    You know, I only vaguely remember writing this post. I was a little punch-drunk on hours and hours of proofreading papers for persons who have a bit of trouble writing papers in their non-native tongue.

    It’s monies, so I dooze it.


  3. ravnistic


    I completely glossed over our touching sibling moment.

    :::eyes sparkling with tears of joy:::

    Thanks Pookie

    and Mom

    And curses to you, Oh Slarty Bartfaust!!!


  4. ravnistic

    As always, your wit astounds me.


  5. Dawn

    So, Tuesday was a total bust. Ended up with a sick kid and an INSANE cat that hunts for toques and stray socks at night then thinks he’s all that for his abilities. Oh wait, you said not to blather on about things unrelated to your blog topic.

    I hate word verification too. Dumb wordsmiths.

  6. Why do I have a face with it’s tongue sticking out beside the last comment?

  7. yeah, will’s WV:fancy new collar with sparkles on it:

  8. ravnistic

    Whoa, Will has graced us with his presence!!!

    I must have stumbled onto something half-way interesting.


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