We are Still Here

img_0432For those of you feeling a bit abandoned, rest assured that we are still here. I have been blogging in my head lately, the only problem in actually getting those thoughts typed and posted is the fact that people around here seem to have developed an addiction to our hummus. The addiction I’m ok with, the fact that they pay real money to feed their addiction I’m even more ok with.

A Few Highlights of the Day:

1. Lucy running around with a plastic measuring cup hanging out of the side of her mouth. Definitely looked like she was smoking a pipe. Even funnier was the fact that her attachment to it was so strong that she wouldn’t let go of it so she could lick our faces. You could see the dilemma in her eyes.

2. Pretty much everything President Obama did and said, especially what his teleprompter did to him in front of the scientific community.

3. Eating avocado/chicken wraps for supper

4. Discovering that we are catering an event for 100 people on Friday. It’s Monday night, and we are also planning to sell our products for a 3-day event this weekend

5. Being knocked unconscious by a migraine

Anyone have better Monday highlights?


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One response to “We are Still Here

  1. ravnistic

    Those wraps were awesome!! A haiku to the Avocado

    your pit is so hard
    fleshy green goodness so nice
    fiesta in mouth


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