Wow My Back Hurts!

Tomorrow will make or break not only the “company” but also my back.  The Hortons are getting ready for a big sale, hopefully all our hard work will result in selling all of our product. If not, then I guess you are all coming over for hummus and Carrot Ginger Bars.

Refuse to participate in the recession and come see us at the Factory in Wake Forest, we’ll be at the entrance to the indoor soccer field.  Saturday 11am-8pm, Sunday hours will depend on Saturday sales.

Afterthought: This was the most boring, pathetic post I have ever written. My apologies.



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5 responses to “Wow My Back Hurts!

  1. your life is boring and pathetic; why would we expect anything more?

  2. ravnistic

    You are so ugly.



  3. Have y’all thought about the Wake Forest farmer’s market?

  4. ravnistic

    Yes, they are extremely strict about where all your ingredients come from. They have to be within 75 miles of Wake Forest. They turned their nose up at us.

  5. You could always grow your own garbanzos.

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