Microsoft – Dummer than Ever

Recently Microsoft revised the Windows Live Search Engine and replaced it with

Let me make a prophetic statement- 

“Bing will be the most blocked site on the internet in the very near future”

Slightly vague on the timeline, Yes I know. But it will happen. Here’s why:

Bing wants to one-up everyone, which is good. It even includes a handy video search, still good.  So what bing does is instead of returning search results as simple text or an image (Ahem, Google) Bing will go out to the nets, and retrieve a portion of the video so it can do a preview of the video once your mouse rolls over it, this is bad. 

In making the nice little preview Bing circumvents every blocked site on the internet. That’s right, Every single one of them. So if your behind a firewall that filters content, you can bybass it with two clicks and get access to everything on the internet. Including porn sites, youtube,  and myspace. You name it, Bing provides it. This is terrible for schools and corporations who work hard to keep the net clean and safe for students and employees.  Now, I understand that it’s only a preview of at least 20 seconds, but even that is plenty if your a middle schooler looking for crap online.

Oh well, at least it’s easy to block bing. I hope Microsoft didn’t hope to get any traction with this new search engine.


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One response to “Microsoft – Dummer than Ever

  1. I don’t know how Microsoft expects people to use such a stupid sounding website!

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