Bonnie Succumbs to the Pressure or “Twitter Test”

Hello my friends, just a note to tell you that Brian is having surgery tomorrow. I was trying my hardest to link my Twitter feed to the blog, but those ding dang widgets just won’t work on my newfangled bloggity blog. I resisted getting a Twitter account, but with so many people asking to be updated I thought it was the fastest and least internet-relying-upon way to communicate with alot of people who are really curious about how one puts a deceased person’s cartiledge in a living person’s knee. It’s called a meniscal transplant, and you can google it.

For those of you who have watched Brian hobble around with that blasted knee brace on and his muscles all warped from wearing it 18 hours a day, you will be happy to know that this surgery means (hopefully) the end of the pain and the brace and the beginning of having a knee that will last for a while. It’s a bad time to get knee surgery for a mostly unemployed 27 year old, but we have the insurance and the opportunity, so we are fervently trusting God and He has been faithful to provide through the mistakes of Wake County payroll and the kindness and generosity of friends and family.

Pray for me, I am the world’s worst nurse.

Pray for Brian, recovery is going to H E double hockey sticks.

We love you.

You can get updates and funny photos on my Twitter Page


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