Pictures that Brian Doesn’t Remember

Well it’s been 5 days since the surgery and we are both still here. Brian’s knee looks great and the new cartilage fits perfectly. It’s odd to think that someone passed away and left a part of them to be given away, but as weird as it is to receive cartilage from a deceased person, we are so thankful that the knowledge and skill exists to turn tragedy into victory. Maybe victory is too strong a word for knee surgery, considering that we are always losing the fight against our aging bodies, but for Brian it means victory over crippling knee pain and the hope of getting back the activities and opportunities that he lost. Brian’s parents were here for a week to help and I am so thankful they came!There was no way I could have done all this alone! Many other people helped us out in so many ways so THANK YOU!!

We received good news today, Brian received a job offer from a company who contracts IT techs to do in-home computer repair. He also received news from Ligon Middle School that they are bringing him in for contract work and are very very hopeful about him getting his job back for the next school year. As always, we are learning to trust that God is bigger than bureaucracy and the state legislature.

Here are some photos of our adventures, Brian doesn’t really remember most of these. tee hee


Showing off his lovely hospital gown (not sure he was conscious)

IMG_5872His shaven leg…so attractive!

IMG_5878The nurses were a bit concerned about all the picture-taking

IMG_5875Mama Ros used our 10 hour day wisely and made about a million handmade bags


IMG_5879Pretty sure he was mostly asleep =) One day it will be my turn…

IMG_5899The Horton women received preemptive roses for the hardship and toil

IMG_5896Brian’s best friend for the next 5 weeks

IMG_5898Introducing…Brian’s new knee!!!



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2 responses to “Pictures that Brian Doesn’t Remember

  1. Becky

    Nothing says “I love you” like taking pictures of your drugged-up, bed-ridden husband and posting them online.

    I rejoice with ya’ll!! Amen for sovereignty!

  2. The sewing was:

    1. a good outlet for middle age ADD
    2. a good cover for feelings of:
    a. helplessness (for Brian)
    b. frustration (the endless droning of the
    Constant Nausea Network)

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