Lucy’s Rainy Day

There are few people in this world whom I love more than I love my dog. I’m sorry- excuse me for a sec:

( Wuucy Wu, I wuv you sooo much, oh yes I do, yes yes yes yes I do wuv you)


There are few people in this world whom I love more than I love my dog. I show my love for Lu Lu in a variety of ways, doggie treats, backrubs, sneaking her into the bed when Brian isn’t looking, picking fleas off her….etc. These are good things, don’t get me wrong, but nothing says “I love you” like making your dog wear clothes.

Let’s go back to the beginning: A few weeks ago at a kick-off party for my preschool (Praise God! I get to go back to work!!) my boss, friend, director of everything childlike at WCR, handed me a package for Lucy. Inside was a bright yellow adorable raincoat for Lucy to wear. I was elated. This thing screamed “My mommy dresses me up for her own amusement!!!” and smacked of Britishness and Paddington Bear and brought back memories of NOT having a bright yellow raincoat growing up. It was also useful, as I have to parade this dog–sorry Lu–(I wuv you, oh yes I do, oh yes, give mommy kisses) ahem, as I have to parade my Lu up and down three flights of stairs and into flea-infested grass for her to do her business rain or shine.  I brought it home and introduced Lucy to her new raincoat–she promptly ran away and hid under the papasan chair shaking with indignation and shame. We use it though, darn it, and since it rained for three weeks straight, we used it frequently, but always with the same effect. Of course, being a good mommy, I documented the raincoat incidents so I could add these photos to my portfolio. (Please excuse me while I try to overcome the dead zone between editing photos and uploading them to the blog.) Enjoy while I untangle Lucy from the power cord (happening live!) :





Pretty paws


The Best



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7 responses to “Lucy’s Rainy Day

  1. MamaRos

    Cute, cute, cute!

  2. Lucy is now officially cuter than Frodo

  3. Apryl

    Frodo is handsome and distinguished.

  4. Wucy Wu is too coot!!!

    LOVED that post!!!!

  5. Becky

    There’s nothing in me that can deny the cuteness of it. =)

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