If My Heart was a House You’d Be Home

I’m amazed at how long it has been since I have written anything.  I feel like I’m chained to the computer every free moment, and yet I havn’t made it over here to type just a few words for those few people who read.  I’m really busy editing photos, and can I just say that I LOVE THAT I CAN SAY THIS! I’ve been building my portfolio and getting all the experience I can and I’m having a blast!   I’m gearing up to shoot my first wedding as THE photographer for my friend Kimmie and we just did her bridal portraits. It’s amazing how one’s attitude and perspective can change when you are actively pursuing something you love. Strangely, I think my mind and heart work better the more I indulge in creative pursuits. I think C.S. Lewis said something about how we are most like our Creator when we create,  and I think there is definitely something to be said about making time to “make things,” whether it’s cooking or crafts or photography.

I’ve also been introduced to some great new music, something that I’ve been really lazy about lately. I’m the girl that will just leave a cd in the car and listen to it all the time.  Some of my own *new* finds have been Owl City and Copeland. Today’s title is taken from an Owl City song, and if you like Postal Service, you will love this guy.  Bonus is that he is a born-again Christian who has actual talent and writes these poetic, whimsical songs about everything under the sun.

Time to get going to one of my part-time jobs, get ready for a Pumpkin Princess Party I’m hosting tomorrow, and generally run around like a crazy person.  =)

I won’t sport with your intelligence by promising to write more.



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3 responses to “If My Heart was a House You’d Be Home

  1. Cindy

    I heart the last sentence and will probably try to fit the phrase “I won’t sport with your intelligence” into as many conversations as possible this week. Thank you for making my life better….

    A Devoted Reader

    PS. This is me reaching back….

  2. Owl City = Awesome
    Copeland, do they have new music? I haven’t really kept up with them in recent years.

    Totally agree about creating. I can’t begin to describe the fulfillment I get from building something that works on the web. I can lose hours upon hours constructing code, and it doesn’t seem to phase me one bit.

  3. Bonnie

    Cindy, I have been waiting for a chance to say that. If I say any more, though, I might be in danger of communication directly.

    Drew, I’m pretty sure Copeland has a new album, but I kind of just listen to whatever albums Brian has playing. Brian is the DJ of the family. I do carry my Owl City albums with me everywhere and have most of them memorized.

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