“The Beginning”

I have been having so much fun shooting family portraits in the past month, and I’m so excited to share some of the photos and the stories that go along with them. Hank and Allison are dear friends of ours, they also attend Wake Cross Roads with us and Allison is a teacher’s assistant at The Creator’s Kids where I teach preschool. Our friendship goes back 3 years ago when I put out the word that I needed someone to do childcare for my wedding. I needed someone who wasn’t really a friend or aquaintance who would not be put out by missing the wedding. Along came Hank and Allison, and our friendship grew out of a situation where a frazzled new bride kept forgetting to pay her childcare workers. =)

A few months ago  Hank and Allison experienced the loss of their first child by miscarriage, and they asked me to not only take their Christmas photos, but to also help them honor their child somehow in their photos. They named their child Arkae, from the Greek root meaning “The Beginning.”  After watching them both grieve for Arkae, it was such a blessing to see their desire to celebrate the beginning of life and to continue living with the joy that comes only from the peace of Christ. I was so blessed to be a part of honoring Arkae and laughing (and crying a bit) with the Baskins. Their dynamic is so much like mine and Brian’s, I will let you come to your own conclusions about who the silly one is. =) Love you Allison!!!










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