A Day Off, What a Novel Idea!

A day off is a wonderful thing. I could pretty much just stop here and click “publish” and then go do something else, because, well….it’s my day off.  I usually spend the day nannying and cleaning in a town 45 minutes away, not to come home til almost 7pm. It’s not really a complete day off, I always have proofreading or photo editing to work on, but at least I got to sleep in and delay the inevitable battle with my amazingly insane hair. I know it’s cliche to say “Oh I’m so busy” but seriously, I am soooo busy. Working at home is one of my goals in life, and I’ve achieved that by about half lately. Working at home also stinks in ways that working a normal job does not. I’ve been up to my bloodshot eyeballs in proofreading a 94-page dissertation chapter and editing photos, and I’m starting to reeeeally loathe my brand new laptop. Sitting in front of a computer for a living isn’t exactly my idea of a fun time, but it sure beats having to get up at 5:00am and dress in grown-up clothes to go to a job that takes over my life…. at least takes over my life outside my house and in a way that does not allow me to take play breaks with Lucy and make and eat a glorious goat yogurt and banana smoothie.  Working at home takes alot of discipline, and I’m thankful that my homeschooled self has a bit of prior experience with being productive at home when no one is really looking over your shoulder. (All the Carrigans can laugh now, go ahead.)  Most evenings you can find me at home staring at the computer and Brian out on a TechWizards call, maybe we should find him a work-at-home job too!

Thankfully Brian and I have had some times of rest and relaxation, this Thanksgiving we did something totally different and drove to Chattanooga, TN to spend Thanksgiving with our dear friends the Glens. This family is so special to us and has let us become part of their family and be auntie and uncle to their sweet girls. I L-O-V-E-D Chattanooga and we had alot of fun exploring the city and hanging out together.  I couldn’t leave without doing some family photos of these guys, and it was so nice to do just a fun, no pressure photo shoot allll over the city! My Facebook friends have already seen these, but I thought I would post my favorites.









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