(Whoa, it’s been way too long since I wrote anything) Ok that’s out of the way…

In December Brian and I decided to sponsor a child through Touch the World Ministries. Our good friends David and Sandy Cooper work for TWM, and because of their involvement our church decided to send Christmas gift boxes to the children in TWM orphanages around the world.  After reading through the material, I began to think how special it would be to send a box specifically for one child. I love packing these boxes every year, it reminds me of how much I enjoyed (and still do) dumping out my stocking every Christmas morning and looking through all the little trinkets and fun little things my Mom always stuffs in there.  This year, Brian and I packed our box with one little boy in mind. Our boy’s name is Allan, and he lives at a TWM sponsored children’s home in Kenya.  What a difference it made, having a face and a name to think about as we packed his box. “Would Allan like a football, or a soccer ball?” “How many pencils does Allan need?” “Come on, give him a FEW more lollipops!!”  We sent Allan a letter, as well a picture of us, and of course a picture of Lucy. =) I wondered what he would think about these American strangers who are rich enough to keep and spoil a little dog. The place where he lives is safe and clean, but by no means luxurious or westernized.

Here is a little bit of Allan’s story:

Allan is 7 years old, one of the one hundred orphans at the home. Many of the children are orphaned because of AIDS. When he was first found by the director of the home, he was describe as “very weak, his stomach was swollen, full of worms”  The director goes on to say that Allan was “crying all day, no one could care to treat him” because he was infected with jiggers. There was no soap to cleanse his infected skin, and no one wanted to care for him.  Thankfully Allan was taken to the home to where they clothed and fed him and took care of his medical needs.  (Click here to read the entire story)

There were tears in our eyes as we read Allan’s story, and we keep his photo on the fridge to remember to pray for him. A few days ago we got a letter in the mail from Allan, here is a bit of it:

In my future I would like to be a teacher. My God bless you so much through Touch the World Ministry who have made to know you. I am glad to say that I knew I have a future as it in Jeremiah 29:11. I hope to hear from you, have a nice and bless day.

I treasure this letter so much, and I urge you to consider sponsoring a child through Touch the World. Go to their website and see what they are all about! We are so blessed to sponsor Allan and to be  a part of caring for him so that he can grow up happy and healthy.

Think about it…

Fifteen dollars a month for a 7 year old little boy covered in rashes and infected with scabies and jiggers to be loved on and cared for.

Fifteen dollars a month for Allan to have clothes, medical attention, and food.

Fifteen dollars a month for a little boy to became a godly teacher and take part in the redemption of his people.

Fifteen dollars a month for a Future.


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  1. Cindy

    Lovely, beautiful, true. I am so glad you’re my sister. Lucky Allen.

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