Lucy’s Rainy Day

There are few people in this world whom I love more than I love my dog. I’m sorry- excuse me for a sec:

( Wuucy Wu, I wuv you sooo much, oh yes I do, yes yes yes yes I do wuv you)


There are few people in this world whom I love more than I love my dog. I show my love for Lu Lu in a variety of ways, doggie treats, backrubs, sneaking her into the bed when Brian isn’t looking, picking fleas off her….etc. These are good things, don’t get me wrong, but nothing says “I love you” like making your dog wear clothes.

Let’s go back to the beginning: A few weeks ago at a kick-off party for my preschool (Praise God! I get to go back to work!!) my boss, friend, director of everything childlike at WCR, handed me a package for Lucy. Inside was a bright yellow adorable raincoat for Lucy to wear. I was elated. This thing screamed “My mommy dresses me up for her own amusement!!!” and smacked of Britishness and Paddington Bear and brought back memories of NOT having a bright yellow raincoat growing up. It was also useful, as I have to parade this dog–sorry Lu–(I wuv you, oh yes I do, oh yes, give mommy kisses) ahem, as I have to parade my Lu up and down three flights of stairs and into flea-infested grass for her to do her business rain or shine.  I brought it home and introduced Lucy to her new raincoat–she promptly ran away and hid under the papasan chair shaking with indignation and shame. We use it though, darn it, and since it rained for three weeks straight, we used it frequently, but always with the same effect. Of course, being a good mommy, I documented the raincoat incidents so I could add these photos to my portfolio. (Please excuse me while I try to overcome the dead zone between editing photos and uploading them to the blog.) Enjoy while I untangle Lucy from the power cord (happening live!) :





Pretty paws


The Best



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I’m on an emotional rollar coaster when it comes to photography. Aside from the obvious, I’m never happier then when I have a camera in my hands. Sometimes, I’m just on and I’m shooting my very best, other times I’m just not feeling it and it shows. Lack of funds and general self-pity and cowardice have gotten in the way lately, but things are looking up! I just received my first official paycheck for my first official event and now I get to use it all to buy equipment that I really really need and really really want.  And in case you care, Amazon beat Wolf Camera’s prices for a Canon 430 II external flash by $80.  I’ve been practicing alot, falling on my face alot, and gaining small victories in the hope that one day I can make a decent living doing what I absolutely love.  Here are some photos I took of my dearest love Josiah, he is the son of my good friends Jonathan and Elissa.  These were taken back in June, he has grown so much since then!







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My favorite new blog

I”m trying to blog more.  I’m trying to be interesting and fun and earn the adoration of blog-readers everywhere. I fall way short in my endeavors, so I’m going to send you over to my new favorite blog: Friend A Day

The fact that I may or may not be semi-related by marriage to the blogger is completely beside the point.

Read it, laugh, look for familiar faces.

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Pictures that Brian Doesn’t Remember

Well it’s been 5 days since the surgery and we are both still here. Brian’s knee looks great and the new cartilage fits perfectly. It’s odd to think that someone passed away and left a part of them to be given away, but as weird as it is to receive cartilage from a deceased person, we are so thankful that the knowledge and skill exists to turn tragedy into victory. Maybe victory is too strong a word for knee surgery, considering that we are always losing the fight against our aging bodies, but for Brian it means victory over crippling knee pain and the hope of getting back the activities and opportunities that he lost. Brian’s parents were here for a week to help and I am so thankful they came!There was no way I could have done all this alone! Many other people helped us out in so many ways so THANK YOU!!

We received good news today, Brian received a job offer from a company who contracts IT techs to do in-home computer repair. He also received news from Ligon Middle School that they are bringing him in for contract work and are very very hopeful about him getting his job back for the next school year. As always, we are learning to trust that God is bigger than bureaucracy and the state legislature.

Here are some photos of our adventures, Brian doesn’t really remember most of these. tee hee


Showing off his lovely hospital gown (not sure he was conscious)

IMG_5872His shaven leg…so attractive!

IMG_5878The nurses were a bit concerned about all the picture-taking

IMG_5875Mama Ros used our 10 hour day wisely and made about a million handmade bags


IMG_5879Pretty sure he was mostly asleep =) One day it will be my turn…

IMG_5899The Horton women received preemptive roses for the hardship and toil

IMG_5896Brian’s best friend for the next 5 weeks

IMG_5898Introducing…Brian’s new knee!!!


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Bonnie Succumbs to the Pressure or “Twitter Test”

Hello my friends, just a note to tell you that Brian is having surgery tomorrow. I was trying my hardest to link my Twitter feed to the blog, but those ding dang widgets just won’t work on my newfangled bloggity blog. I resisted getting a Twitter account, but with so many people asking to be updated I thought it was the fastest and least internet-relying-upon way to communicate with alot of people who are really curious about how one puts a deceased person’s cartiledge in a living person’s knee. It’s called a meniscal transplant, and you can google it.

For those of you who have watched Brian hobble around with that blasted knee brace on and his muscles all warped from wearing it 18 hours a day, you will be happy to know that this surgery means (hopefully) the end of the pain and the brace and the beginning of having a knee that will last for a while. It’s a bad time to get knee surgery for a mostly unemployed 27 year old, but we have the insurance and the opportunity, so we are fervently trusting God and He has been faithful to provide through the mistakes of Wake County payroll and the kindness and generosity of friends and family.

Pray for me, I am the world’s worst nurse.

Pray for Brian, recovery is going to H E double hockey sticks.

We love you.

You can get updates and funny photos on my Twitter Page

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A Giggle

Cake Wrecks is one of my favorite blogs, I was more excited than a 26 year old should be when I saw the cake topic for today:

Cake Wrecks

Special thanks to my friend Allison who walked up to me at church last night and handed me a Hello Kitty flannel blanket. *Yay*

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The Chick-Fil-A Queen

I am ashamed, my dear readers, at how I have let myself go this past month. I have neglected not only you, but also my creative flow of amazing ideas and THAT is a crime for which I must pay.  I have alot to catch up on, and many fun photos to post, but as my dinosaur of a computer is not up to the task and I am due at the Yadusky house in 10 minutes, that will have to wait.

I have just begun a new job working for a really great family in Wake Forest. Its not often that I really love a job, whether that stems from a lack of work ethic, a cynical attitude, authority problems, or any number of my many faults– I say all that to say that I really do love this job. I love this job because my bosses are easy to work with, I get to hang out in a nice house in a quiet neighborhood,  the kids are great, but mostly because I get to drive the Award Series Chick-Fil-A Ford Expedition. That’s right my friends, I get to putter around the Wake Forest area in the most recognizeable vehicle within a 10 mile radius of Wal-Mart.  It has more gadgets than I know what to do with, and I have to resist the urge to play with the touch-screen extravaganza while driving around this family’s most precious cargo. (If you are wondering what I’m talking about, Chick-Fil-A franchise owners receive a free vehicle when their franchise performs above and beyond. It’s all spiffy with Chick-Fil-A written on the sides and little plaques inside the car. It’s kind of like Mary Kay directors getting a  free car except it’s not pink and…not pink.)

So if you are in the Wake Forest area and you think you see me driving a “soccer mom’s dream” as my friend Elissa so calls it, then it really is me gulping down some Chick-Fil-A sweet tea and listening to Rush Limbaugh.

But for real, this family is awesome, they are going through a very challenging time with an infant in the hospital and hour long drives with the other baby and a 6 year old son, yet peace still reigns in their house and it’s a great place to be. They really are so kind and generous, and I’m very glad that they feel like they can trust me with not only their vehicle, but their children as well.  I’m so happy to be serving them!

(Photos coming soon!)


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