I”m Too Busy Being Unemployed to Blog

I’m waayy too busy to blog today. I have stuffs to do.  There is a dog who needs to play, lunch to be made, and a book to read.

The office just called and said that I have to spend an average of 10 hours at the pool or they will revoke my pool privileges.  It’s a tough life, but someone has to make sure that those beach chairs get used.

And those sour fruit slice gummies are not going to eat themselves.

And on a completely unrelated note, here is us in Wilmington:




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Microsoft – Dummer than Ever

Recently Microsoft revised the Windows Live Search Engine and replaced it with http://www.bing.com

Let me make a prophetic statement- 

“Bing will be the most blocked site on the internet in the very near future”

Slightly vague on the timeline, Yes I know. But it will happen. Here’s why:

Bing wants to one-up everyone, which is good. It even includes a handy video search, still good.  So what bing does is instead of returning search results as simple text or an image (Ahem, Google) Bing will go out to the nets, and retrieve a portion of the video so it can do a preview of the video once your mouse rolls over it, this is bad. 

In making the nice little preview Bing circumvents every blocked site on the internet. That’s right, Every single one of them. So if your behind a firewall that filters content, you can bybass it with two clicks and get access to everything on the internet. Including porn sites, youtube,  and myspace. You name it, Bing provides it. This is terrible for schools and corporations who work hard to keep the net clean and safe for students and employees.  Now, I understand that it’s only a preview of at least 20 seconds, but even that is plenty if your a middle schooler looking for crap online.

Oh well, at least it’s easy to block bing. I hope Microsoft didn’t hope to get any traction with this new search engine.

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Elusive Excellence

My life has become impossibly busy and cluttered lately. May is such an insane time for teachers. You wouldn’t think that 2 year olds need a progress report, but apparently they do and it’s all the rage to give them one. It’s all official-looking and says things like “Sits Still” and “Plays Nicely with Other Children.” Show me a 2 year old that sits still and plays with other children…I dare you.  The preschool I work at has a lovely tradition of sending home a scrapbook for EACH child documenting their entire year at school.  If you know me, you know I’m a minimalist. While other people enjoy slicing up perfectly good photos and attaching all sorts of flotsam and jetsam to them, I enjoy printing them out and carefully placing them in a photo album in a very specific way that tells a story of romance and adventure. When faced with a choice between hours of cutting up flotsam to paste on a chaotic piece of expensive paper or arranging a story of romance and adventure,  which would you choose?  I think a scrapbook is a great idea, we have families who desperately need to experience the love of Christ, and giving them such a personalized gift with so much love and time poured into it can be a really powerful display of that love.  That being said, this is my first ever time teaching an entire year of preschool and my first attempt at gathering materials for and creating 14 scrapbooks. (With help from my assistants of course) Like everyone else in the world, I also have many other responsibilities such as taking care of my husband, my extremely troublesome dog, and my home.  Add a small business and the impending visit of my family, and it adds up to alot of work and the impossible division of my attention, skills, and time.

One of my biggest frustrations in life is not being able to give 100%.  If I’m making 8 scrapbooks, I want all 8 of them to be wonderful and look pretty and make the angels weep with their understated elegance.  I want my dog to be the best-behaved, prettiest dog on the block. I want my husband to love coming home to our impeccably clean and welcoming house and to never have to collapse on the couch and take a nap because I kept him up last night steaming the carpet.  When life gets impossibly busy, either one or all suffer. There are only a few hours in a day, and never enough for perfection.

First, I have to wonder if my standard for excellence is set a bit too high. I strongly believe in giving my all in whatever I’m doing, but when time and energy and resources do not allow, is it ok to lower the standard for excellence and just get it done the best you can?

Second, what happens to priorities when a big job demands time normally given to family and ministry?  I’ve been a pastor’s kid, a NAMB kid, and a professor’s kid.  I’ve seen firsthand the  kind of sacrifices a family makes to serve in the church or on the field.  At what point is it ok to sacrifice excellence in your family in order to attain excellence at your job?

I’m sure others wrestle with this dilemma as much as I do.  Often I find that jobs and responsibilities need to take a backseat to Life. If I don’t live and relax and spend time with people, then what kind of teacher am I going to be? Does my messy house really matter when a parent with tears in her eyes comes back to thank me for a scrapbook?  One thing I do know, is that God and people always trump jobs and things. Always. If leaving the dirty dishes means a movie night with Brian, than it’s definitely movie night. If staying up too late to finish a scrapbook means that a lost family sees the love of Christ through our teachers, I can “rest in heaven” as my Dad says.

So how do you do it? How do you pursue excellence and decide which area of your life receives less attention? How do you prioritize?  Do we glorify God less when we compromise excellence in any area of our life?

Are you a bit of a control freak like me?


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Our Ridiculous Life!

Who wants to read an unbearably long post about what we have been up to in the last couple weeks??!! Yes, I see your hand, and yours, thank you.

In lieu of the unbearably long post you are all clamoring for, I will catch you up  via photo:


Here is our refrigerator full of hummus, naan, and salsa verde in preparation for a catering event for 150 people and a 3-day long sale at the Factory. The sale was a success, and we are never ever making that much product ever again. If you are wondering if our refrigerator really tilts like that, rest assured that is just a trick of the lens.


These are the dairy-free Rice Crispy treats that you are addicted to and want to buy from me every week.




Our good friends Shane and Kim had a beautiful baby girl on May 4th, so Brian let me escape from the sale and go visit them. Since I was two steps away from a massive kids consignment sale, I couldn’t resist buying Kara Joy some amazing outfits. Auntie Bonnie is a sucker for pink jackets and pink and brown coordinating outfits.


Lucy gave us quite a scare by running away into the woods, getting a nasty puncture wound in her chest, and eating an eighth of her body weight in Carrot Ginger Bars.  $300 dollars later……she’s fine.  That epic story is coming soon in its entirety.


My first commercial photography “job” is taking photos of all my mother-in-laws amazing products so she can kick some tail on Etsy.com. I have alot of competition in the form of extremely creative artsy people who can not only make handmade everything, but also do their own photography.




This is my best friend Jarrett and his “Loveys.” Jarrett is one of my students and the son of my coworker and friend. He spent the night with us while she was out of town. Brian and I got a taste of what it’s like being parents, and it was alot of fun! Raising children in a 2 bedroom apartment on the third floor, however, is absolutely not an option.  Jarrett just turned three, and delighted us with so many quotable quotes. Since you, my readers, can handle the hilarious sayings of an innocent 3-year old let me quote one:  As Jarrett was  changing clothes, Lucy started jumping on him and was being annoying. I told her to get down and stop trying to lick him. Jarrett declared:

“All da peoples cannot lick my pee pee!!!!”

Brian and I quote this at least 3 times a day. I could fill a book with all the crazy things this kid says.

Life has been crazy and interesting, we are learning to trust and wait and work harder than we have ever worked before. We have a lean summer ahead of us, Brian is going to undergo a Meniscus transplant and will be down for a few weeks in July or August. Please pray that we can both find work over the summer and continue to grow B&B Naturals. Praise God for the gifts and talents He gives us so we can serve others and provide for our family!


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Wow My Back Hurts!

Tomorrow will make or break not only the “company” but also my back.  The Hortons are getting ready for a big sale, hopefully all our hard work will result in selling all of our product. If not, then I guess you are all coming over for hummus and Carrot Ginger Bars.

Refuse to participate in the recession and come see us at the Factory in Wake Forest, we’ll be at the entrance to the indoor soccer field.  Saturday 11am-8pm, Sunday hours will depend on Saturday sales.

Afterthought: This was the most boring, pathetic post I have ever written. My apologies.


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We are Still Here

img_0432For those of you feeling a bit abandoned, rest assured that we are still here. I have been blogging in my head lately, the only problem in actually getting those thoughts typed and posted is the fact that people around here seem to have developed an addiction to our hummus. The addiction I’m ok with, the fact that they pay real money to feed their addiction I’m even more ok with.

A Few Highlights of the Day:

1. Lucy running around with a plastic measuring cup hanging out of the side of her mouth. Definitely looked like she was smoking a pipe. Even funnier was the fact that her attachment to it was so strong that she wouldn’t let go of it so she could lick our faces. You could see the dilemma in her eyes.

2. Pretty much everything President Obama did and said, especially what his teleprompter did to him in front of the scientific community.

3. Eating avocado/chicken wraps for supper

4. Discovering that we are catering an event for 100 people on Friday. It’s Monday night, and we are also planning to sell our products for a 3-day event this weekend

5. Being knocked unconscious by a migraine

Anyone have better Monday highlights?

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B&B Naturals

If you haven’t heard, Brian and I are launching our little side business selling natural food products and dairy-free goodness.  So far, we have filled a pretty big order for our respective workplaces. We shall see if we progress beyond the novelty, but we are doing a pretty big event the first weekend of May. 

In case our bank account, our marriage, and people’s love for hummus survives this venture, I have set up a little blogsite for B&B Naturals.  It stills needs tons of work and a different custom header, but you can at least see the unfinished product and price lists for our main products.  

Check us out B&B Naturals

Mmmmm hummus for lunch!

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