The Mystery Known as “The Hortons”

We clean up real nice

This is us. Actually, this is us when we are forced to dress up and look nice.  We hope you like us. We really hope you like us.

Please like us…….

We should probably share a bit about the wonderment that is the Hortons. Brian is a very skilled IT Computer Tech Nerd Extraordinaire and just started a fun-filled job at Ligon Middle Magnet School. He is pretty much the sweetest and best husband in the world and likes to play video games and lift heavy objects in his spare time. I (Bonnie) am a crazed pre-school teacher, part time nanny, professional proofreader and washer of clothes and towels.  We met at The College at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary 3 years ago and have been inseparable ever since. We did remember to get married two years ago and currently make our home in Raleigh, NC. We don’t have any children yet, but we are passionate about adoption and hope to fill our home with children of all colors and personalities. We love our church, Wake Crossroads Baptist Church, and our colorful family made up of blood relatives, insane friends, and raucous families. We love to cook, and by “we” I mean that Brian cooks and I set the table.

Our door is always open to anyone needing a good meal and some laughter, we love to talk and laugh and occasionally giggle. We also enjoy playing games after dinner, so if you want some serious competition over some dominoes or a game of Spades than we are your best friends for life.

Jesus Christ is our life and our hope. We are every day thankful for the joy that comes from being part of the family of God. Thanks for reading and being a part of the madness that is the life of the Hortons!


2 responses to “The Mystery Known as “The Hortons”

  1. ravnistic

    I just realized how weird this picture makes my cheeks look.


  2. yes, your cheeks do look weird. and i notice i’m not in your blogroll,…..jerks.

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